Leanna Decker

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Q & A

How did you first get into modeling?
Growing up I was always fascinated with the thought of being in front of a camera, when i was 18 I made a page on Model Mayhem, from there I became a "model".

What is your favorite way to spend time on the beach?
Soaking up the sun sipping on a daiquiri! Yum yum

You look absolutely amazing in TeenyB. What's your secret to maintaining your bikini body?
I promise there is no secret ;). I don't have a "routine" per se, I eat what I want but I do love my fruits & veggies. My dogs keep me active so I guess thats my secret haha

If money and time were no option, what would be your idea of a perfect vacation?
I would hop on a private jet with my doggies and take a whole month to tour and visit all the top tropical islands in nothing but gorgeous TeenyB bikinis of course ;)

Take us through a day typical day as Leanna Decker
I travel a lot for my work so I'm always on the go, when I'm home I love to just relax be with my family and play with my doggies Chino and Bruno :)

All About Me

I started modeling when I was about 18, I never imagined that anything would come of it and be where I am today. Playboy models always amazed me, every girl was just so perfect. So when photographer Jose Luis contacted me and asked if I would be interested in posing for playboy I almost peed my pants. He was so confident in me and seemed sure I would get in. When we got the news that I was picked to be cyber girl of the week I was shocked, I was never one to be very confident in themselves until modeling. Since then I was voted to be Cyber girl of the month then on to Cyber girl of the year 2012!!! :) Now that my year is up I'm exploring different genres of modeling, such as bikini and lingerie catalog. Posing for TeenyB was amazing and definitely something new for me, I love the feeling the bikinis give you. Its like being on another planet! There is so much more I want to accomplish in my career and this is only the beginning :)) To be continued

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