Leanna Decker

I started modeling when I was about 18, I never imagined that anything would come of it and be where I am today. I was never one to be very confident in themselves until modeling. Since then I was voted to be Cyber girl of the month then on to Cyber girl of the year 2012!

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Samantha Hensley

Samantha Hensley is a fresh-faced model who has racked up an impressive portfolio in a short amount of time. Samantha has modeled for Publix Supermarkets, Fox Sports, Home Shopping Network, PUMA, Busch Gardens, and, of course, TeenyB!

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Natalia Muntean

Natalia Muntean is a newcomer to American fitness modeling, born in Ukraine and growing up in Moldova. She came to America in 2002 and we're go glad she did! Natalia is a successful fitness, nutrition, and fashion writer for multiple publications worldwide, on top of looking great in a bikini.

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Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird is one of a new breed of bikini fitness models who take hardcore training regimens to a whole new level. Jaime is a consummate competitor, and she already has several titles under her belt. On top of being what she does, training has become a part of who she is.

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Ally Rivera

We are proud to present up and coming model Ally Rivera as our first ever TeenyB Girl. I have no doubt that you'll soon be seeing Ally on the cover of magazines and on the big screen. She puts her heart and soul into her work and really delivers like no other.

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